Awesome Flat Icons

A set of 256 icons designed via a highly designed flat technology!

Awesome Flat Icons

Professionally Designed Icons

In designing these icons, I have respected all the professional necessary rules in the graphic designing field to come up with an excellent work

Icon design

Multiple Sizes

There is a set of unlimited number of icons with multiple sizes that suits all needs and for various uses as well.

Icon design

Suitable Design

I have designed these icons to suit all tastes and to be compatible to various electronic devices such as phones, tablets, etc without losing its glamor including harmonious colours and magnificent design.

Icon design

Different ways to get the set

There are two ways to buy the product, either to buy the entire original set including all the icons grouped together in one file, or to get each icon alone separately on file Icon Finder.

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Artiste graphique

The years working as a web and graphic designer as well as travelling and drawing, which are my basic hobbies, inspired me to create many amazing projects and organizing several exhibitions and being a founder of VEKST and Freepixels too, which provide me with other future aspirations I think they will be more interesting, I am looking forward to the cooperation with you.